Helper Scripts

Firefly Logger has several command-line helper scripts to aid in managing Firefly Logger. These are run from the shell of the Pi Appliance or the Linux host.


The script firefly-logger-clearlog will erase the contents of the database. This script assumes the database is the standard-named "ffdl". This can be used post-testing to clear the database rather than deleting the QSOs by hand.


The script firely-logger-loaddb is used at installation time to load the initial database. It may be used to repair a broken installation by an experienced Linux admin but is not recommended for general use.


The script firefly-logger-takeover is used for the Pi Appliance image to fully reconfigure the webserver to serve only Firefly Logger. It can be used on other Linux installs with basic/default webserver configurations to "takeover" the webserver for Firefly Logger.