Firefly Logger

Firefly Field Day Logger is a web application for use at ARRL Field Day operating events. It can also be used for WFDA Winter Field Day.

The design of this logger is to be a simple, effective client-server logger that can be used with any device that can have a reasonably modern browser installed on it. This includes older laptops running Linux + Chromium, tablets with Chrome or Firefox, Raspberry Pi 3, 4, or 5 with Raspian, etc. FFDL has been tested on Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android using the native browsers on each platform. In short, if a reasonably recent browser can be installed, Firefly Logger will work for you.

Main Screent

Firefly Logger is available as a Rasperry Pi appliance, a set of Debian packages, or a custom-installed web application. Most users of Firefly Logger will likely want the appliance version.


  • Full client in a browser; operates seamlessly across multiple, low-powered devices such as old laptops running lightweight Linux, Pis, low-cost tablets
  • Network environment for common operating picture
  • No internet access or required for operation
  • Realtime duplicates checking/avoidance
  • Format checking on all fields for high-accuracy logging
  • Ability to hand-key paper logs as needed
  • Does not require the Internet; Operate over a disconnected local network or WiFi
  • Display page for showing on a screen at Field Days to show score and points
  • ADIF export for Logbook of the World (LoTW) or other logging programs
  • Cabrillo export for score reporting
  • WSJT integration (with companion wjst2ffdl package)


Firefly Logger is a web application intended to be used for multi-operator Field Day events. The most common operating mode is the installation of a Rapsberry Pi running the appliance image. Other devices connected together through a simple local LAN or WiFi router then act as browser-based clients to the appliance.


Please open an "Issue" on GitHub for any bugs or problems.

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