Basic Use

Firefly Field Day Logger is intended to be an intuitive logger system. It supports many concurrent users with a minimal footprint. For each operator, the basic use pattern should be followed:

  1. Open a web browser and point it to the hostname or IP address of your server. Using the Pi appliance, this is http://fieldday.local.

  2. Set the station information at the top of the screen. The callsign is the overall callsign used for the activity. The operator is the particular station operator's personal callsign. Callsign and Operator can be the same call if it's a single-operator situation.

  3. Begin logging!

Successful Entry

All connected logger clients (web browser) will poll the server for updated contact information and to check for duplicates. For example, a successful contact will look like this: Success Contact

Duplicate Entry

However, if the station has already been worked, the entry screen will report an error and the entry will not be permitted: Duplicate Contact

Input Sanitization

All input is sanitized for proper formatting. For example, the callsign field will check for general well-formatted callsigns. However it will not validate any particular callsign is a valid call. The class field similarly will only permit inputting of appropriate ARRL Field Day or Winter Field Day class information. Input Sanitization

Typeahead Convenience

The section field is controlled by a typeahead convenience feature that will both display and allow for a quick-tab once enough characters have been types to match the section. This also provides convenience to the operator to not have to be consulting a sheet while operating. Typeahead

Keyboard Navigation

After setting the operator information at the top and clicking for the first time in the Callsign box, navigation is designed to be done entirely from the keyboard. The page layout and nav items for logging are fixed so that the operator may enter the callsign, class, section, and hit Enter to store the QSO and return to the Callsign box for the next Q. The pattern of good logging would be:

** Enter Callsign ** TAB Enter Class TAB **Enter Section ** ENTER

Testing after Installation

To test that the system is installed properly:

  1. Add a QSO

  2. Edit a QSO

  3. Delete a QSO

If those three operations work, you have a successful installation.

To clear out test QSOs and/or to reset the log, as the root user of MariaDB, execute firefly-logger-clearlog.